Behind the scenes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make the videos and info on available for you? No? Well, I’ll tell you anyway!


Pieces for videos are worked on for 1-2 weeks on average before I am satisfied with my playing of the piece and my fingerings. As I learn a piece, I start working on making a tablature version of the sheet music manually. After I learn the piece entirely and have decided on fingerings, I make a Powertab file for the piece and do the sheet music/tab document also using Powertab.



Doing the videos is tough work! My family is in the fashion biz, and thus I luckily have access to cameras, lighting equipment, and a quiet locale when not in use. I set up the things I need, dress up a bit, and start shooting. I am very picky about my playing and what I put up on my blog. Although I am not a robot, and know that there are usually a few minute “blips” in the videos that do end up on the site, nevertheless I try to keep anything somewhat major off of here. I tend to do well over 20 videos in total for just one piece (with the video lessons)! If I play an obvious wrong note, I start over. If I say something incorrectly during the video lesson tapings (I don’t write scripts), I start again. If I get really tounge-tied, I do it over again. And this is just dealing with myself! I get the occational car alarm siren from outside, telephone call, firetruck/policecar/ambulance noise, uninvited walk-ins, etc, which have ruined many great takes! I save some of the real funny ones sometimes, and hope to do a “Blooper’s” page sometime soon.


After shooting the videos, the next step is editing and filing. I run the raw videos through a few editing programs. First I crop the videos to cut the unwanted excess. Then I play with the colors to help make my videos more clear. Finally I compress the files I keep down to manageable levels. I file all these videos, as well as all the documents I create for each piece, into an archive I keep of everything that has been put up on


Finally, I upload the videos one by one onto Youtube, which is a very daunting task in itself. Putting up a video of mine can take 20-30 minutes plus per video. But still, it is pretty rewarding seeing all my hard work added as a new post one at a time on my blog. But all my hard work is in vain unless there are people getting genuine value from my videos and writings, so please feel free to check out all that this site has to offer. Enjoy!

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