Slurs technique

This page discusses slurring technique along with two video lessons.

Hammer on

Pull off

New players tend to do hammer on’s very weakly, producing a weak sound. This is natural as we begin to develop strength and precision in our hands. But there should be an improvement of both strength and precision as time passes, or else your technique still stall and never improve. Also, producing an evenness in sound is crucial. A hammered note should not sound any more louder than the previous note. For pulloff’s, new players tend to overlook the “pulling” aspect of the technique and are usually happy just “lifting” the finger instead. If you only lift the finger during a pulloff, the resulting note will be weak, thus producing an unevenness in sound. Only “pulling” on a note will produce an evenness in sound to the first note. Also pay attention for “clean” sounding slurs. If you get squeeks or funny noises, or your slur is just not very clear, you may not be applying a finger correctly. Look in the “Excercises” section of the site for excercises to develop proper slurring technique.

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