Slurs 3 – Hammer/Pull off exercise

This is the third group of three exercise video groups to help develop proper slurring technique. There are four exercises, each with it’s own video, as well as the tablature below. This set of exercises is more advanced than the first two sets, so go to the “Slurs 1-2″ exercise videos in the “Exercises” section and start with those if you are new to slurs.

slurs hammer/pull off

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Hints: You should first see the video “Slurs technique” in the “Technique” section of this site before attempting to do any of these exercises. I suggest you do these exercises in order. This lesson encompasses both the Hammer on and Pull off technique’s, so you must have practiced each individually before you seriously attempt to do these exercises. Fatique will easily set in with this exercise, which may affect your strength and form. Take many mini breaks if you have to, but don’t sacrifice correct form and sound just to get through them. The pinky finger is by far the hardest to built up strength and accuracy in, so pay close attention to it and look at it’s development as a long term goal, but definitely don’t skip it just because it is “inconvenient”.

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