Andantino op.59 (Carcassi)

This is the Andantino op.59 Lessons page. The first video is a recording of the piece, followed by the video lessons. There are links to the tabs of this song as well as to the sheet music/tab documents I make of all the pieces. When posting questions/comments, please mention which video your question is about. Enjoy!

andantino tab

Andantino Op.59 sheet music/ tabs pdf document

andantino op.59 powertab file





Hints on Andantino op.59:
This is a very simple and straightforward piece of music, great for new players. Be mindful of the pickup measures that occur. These measures are the second half of a complete measure, and thus there must be a distinction made when you play a new measure, emphasizing the first beat, while these being the 3rd beat are not as emphasized as the first beat. In other words, the first beat of each measure can be easily hidden unless you are mindful to emphasize them properly. There are a lot of repeating parts, which will make learning this piece easier if you pay attention to when they occur.

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