Sauteuse op.59 (Carcassi)

This is the Sauteuse 0p.59 Lessons page. The first video is a recording of the piece, followed by the video lessons. There are links to the tabs of this song as well as to the sheet music/tab documents I make of all the pieces. When posting questions/comments, please mention which video your question is about. Enjoy!

sauteuse tab1

Sauteuse Op.59 sheet music/ tabs pdf document

sauteuse op.59 powertab file





Hints on Sauteuse 0p.59:
This is a fairly simple piece, with perhaps the speed the most difficult aspect. Learn this piece slowly at first and pick up the tempo after you have learned it pretty well. You may want to try “Andantino op.59″ by Carcassi first as that piece is similar to this one, but simpler. Look for it in the “Piece” section of this site. Be mindful of the repeat sighs and the eighth rests. There are repeating parts as well, so looking out for them will cut down on your work and make it easier to memorize the piece.

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