11-26-09 Barrios Preludio live webcam show (12-8-09)

The next piece of music that will be added to this site is Agustin Barrios’ La Catedral, a three movement piece, and I have decided to show this lesson LIVE over webcam stream through this site. This will be the first of many live webcam shows, and I will begin with the first movement of La Catedral, Preludio Saudade.

I estimate the first lesson date and time to be December 8th, 2:00pm Eastern time, but this date may change. Please check the link below if you are not in the Eastern time zone to calculate when you will have to be online to catch my live show from where you live:

In order to guage the interest in these future live shows, please leave a message below stating that you are interested in watching, and what country you are from. Also, please feel free to suggest any pieces you would like for me to do live shows for in the future.

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