Guitar Harmonics

This page discusses natural and artificial harmonic techniques along with a video lesson.


Natural harmonics should be the first type of harmonics new players get comfortable playing. Natural harmonics are played by lightly “tapping” a finger over the metal frets of the guitar with the left hand and playing open strings with the right hand.

Natural harmonic over 5th fret produces a note two octaves higher than open string note.
Natural harmonic on 7th fret produces a note an octave higher than fretted note.
Natural harmonic over 12th fret produces a note an octave higher than open string note.

Artificial harmonics are tougher to master, and thus should be practiced after mastering natural harmonics. Artificial harmonics use the left hand to press down on frets and the right hand to do both the plucking and “tapping”, but 12 frets above the fret you are pressing down with the left hand. The harmonic note produced is an octave higher than the note being pressed by the left hand.

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