Andante Religioso (Barrios)

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This is the discussion page for the video lessons for Agustin Barrios’ La Catedral – Andante Religioso. This is the second of three movements, look in the “Pay video lessons” section for the other movements. The first video is a recording of the whole piece, followed by the webcam lessons. The sheet music, tab document, and Powertab file for this piece can be found here. When posting questions/comments, please mention which video your question is about. Enjoy!

Andante Religioso Tab

andante religioso sheet music/ tabs pdf document

andante religioso powertab file


Lesson 1

La Catedral – Andante Religioso lesson 1 from classicalguitarblogger on Vimeo.

Lesson 2

La Catedral – Andante Religioso lesson 2 from classicalguitarblogger on Vimeo.

Lesson 3

La Catedral – Andante Religioso lesson 3 from classicalguitarblogger on Vimeo.

Hints on Andante Religioso: This piece is very attainable for intermediate performers. There are some tough fingerings and tied notes, so be attentive to them. The toughest section of the piece is between measures 12-15. The left-hand fingerings are very tough, and it is very easy to get muted notes if you don’t have good contact with the strings or if you don’t press on the strings hard enough. However, during measures 12-15 there is a pattern in the left hand that repeats, but goes lower on the neck each time, so if you notice this pattern it will help you to understand this section and thus perform it better. This piece requires the player to switch between freestroke and reststroke a few times, so make sure you are comfortable with each technique as well as switching between the two. There are finger exercises for those looking to practice switching between freestroke and reststroke in the “Exercises” section of this site.

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