Tremolo Technique

This page discusses correct tremolo technique with a video lesson.


tremolo tech sheet1

Developing correct tremolo technique will be a long process. It is one of the most difficult techniques of the classical guitar. If not learned correctly, many people find it nearly impossible to fix. First, be very RELAXED. The thumb usually plays the melody line in a tremolo piece, so make sure the notes it plays comes through clearly and is not overpowered by the tremolo. As soon as you pluck the thumb, the ring, middle, and index fingers should be positioned close to the string that the tremolo will be played on. The ring finger goes first, followed by the middle finger, and finally the index finger. As soon as you pluck with the index finger, the thumb positions itself close to the note it will play next. This process of setting up your fingers in advance is called Preparation. In the beginning always start out very slowly, making sure you are well aware of the movements of your fingers. Strive to have an evenness in tone, volume, and spacing on the tremolo, or else it will sound sloppy.

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