Marieta (Tarrega)

This is the Marieta Lessons page. The first video is a recording of the piece, followed by the video lessons. There are links to the tabs of this song as well as to the sheet music/tab documents I make of all the pieces. When posting questions/comments, please mention which video your question is about. Enjoy!

Marieta tab

Marieta sheet music/ tabs pdf document

Marieta powertab file


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Hints on Marieta: This piece has its challenges. There are slides, hammer-ons, pulloffs, and harmonics. You must already be able to perform these techniques well before attempting to learn this piece, or else it will become too overwhelming. The note values can be tricky, with a lot of ornaments, triplets, dotted and sixteenth notes occuring many times. Go slowly at first, making sure to learn all the notes with correct timing and having the ornaments coming out clean and clear.

EDIT: Some versions of this piece have a repeat sign at the end of the 17th measure. I did not make this video lesson with this repeat sign in mind, but it’s simple to add: Just play videos 1-4 twice in a row.

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