Artificial Harmonics Exercises

This is a set of six artificial harmonics exercises based on the open, first, second, third, and fourth frets. The tablature link of the exercises can be found at the top. Look in the “Technique” section of this site to see the “Guitar Harmonics” technique video lesson if you don’t know how to play harmonics.

Artificial Harmonics Exercises 1-6

Exercises 1-6

Hints: The right hand fingering to play artificial harmonics is very tricky, so make sure to fully understand the movement of the fingers before attempting these exercises. Watch out that the ring finger in the right hand does not accidentally pluck another string. Pluck with decent force or else the sound of the harmonics will be low. If the coordination between both hands is off you will either hear a muted sound or you will just have a regular non-harmonic note.

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