Triplets Exercises

This is a set of five triplet exercises based on open strings. The tablature and sheet music link of the exercises can be found at the top. Look in the “Technique” section of this site to see the “Triplets Technique” video lesson if you don’t know how to play a triplet.

Triplets Exercises 1-5 Tab

Triplets Exercises 1-5 Sheet Music PDF

Exercises 1-2

Exercises 3-4-5

Hints: These five exercises are arranged in order of difficulty, so practice them in order. Do not go to the next exercise until you can complete the current one perfectly. The hardest part of playing a triplet correct is not the physical aspect, but the mental one. You have to mentally divide a quarter note into three equal parts, then its a matter of getting your fingers to play along. Each exercise has two measures, the first one being a measure with four beats with quarter note values, followed by the second measure playing four triplets. This is done to establish the quarter note values in the first measure, and then using the same quarter note values to play triplets in the second measure. These exercises are played using open strings, but feel free to also practice them with different chords in the left hand.

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