Minuet (J.S.Bach)

This is the Minuet Lessons page. The first video is a recording of the piece, followed by the video lessons. There are links to the tabs of this song as well as to the sheet music/tab documents I make of all the pieces. When posting questions/comments, please mention which video your question is about. Enjoy!

Minuet Tab

Minuet Sheet Music/ Tab PDF

Minuet Powertab File


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Hints on Minuet: This is a pretty simple piece appropriate for beginning players. Other than going up the neck during certain parts, it stays in first position throughout. There are many five string chords in this piece that require the right hand thumb to pluck two strings together. To do this simply rotate the thumb so that you pluck two adjacent strings at once. Connecting the eighth notes is crucial in making the piece flow smoothly. Always master the piece in a slower and steady tempo before trying to play it in a faster speed.

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