About me

Hello, I’m Jesus, the creator/ administrator/ editor behind this site, classicalguitarblogger.com. I am a guitar teacher living in New Jersey, USA for the past few years, originally from New York. My job offers me the ability to set my own schedule, with the free time needed to apply to this blog. I now have my own guitar lesson studio business, and any players interested may visit my studio website at www.jerseycityguitarlessons.com to find more information.

I don’t come from a musical family. I never took a guitar or music lesson in my life until I was in junior high school, and that was only because the school I attended happenned to have a music program that all students went through. I only got seriously into music in high school, and only with rock music. The music knowledge I learned in junior high was gone by the time I entered high school, where the music program was awful and I never learned a thing. I feeded my thirst for knowledge with tablature sites and the few instructional videos I could find back then. I was pretty much self taught in the electric guitar back then, and didn’t bother to learn any music theory because it was “boring” and I figured that I could learn anything I wanted to with tabs.

My lack of music theory knowledge came back to haunt me, and I immersed myself in theory to catch up with the rest of the class during college. It was during college where I finally “grew up” and realized rock music was not the only great music genre on earth. I developed a love for classical music, and figured that since I already knew how to play the electric guitar, that I needed to learn to play the classical guitar if I wanted to play classical music. From day one, I was under the tutelage of a great guitar master, where I quickly progressed and eventually decided to keep developing my skills and become a proffessional guitarist as well. Did I make it? I currently have two music degrees: an Associates in Audio Engineering and Bachelors in Classical Guitar Performance from two New York colleges.

It was through all these experiences that I developed the idea for this blog. I know tablature is a helpful tool, especially for beginners like myself when I used tab; but I also learned, the hard way, that music knowledge is instrumental in becoming a “complete” player. I also know that finding great tabs is hit-or-miss, and that there are few places online where you can get a tab and know that “it is a good one”. The free video lessons I could find online back then were helpful, but there were too few of them, and many weren’t of the “holding my hand” variety, where not every little thing was explained. Classicalguitarblogger.com has both tabs and sheet music of every piece in the site, done by a proffessional guitarist. There is a “Theory” section on the site with not only great general music knowledge, but with articles especially written with a “guitarist’s view” taken into account. There are great video lessons that actually “hold your hand” along a piece of music, with each note discussed; along with videos explaining proper form and technique in the “Technique” section. I have tried my hardest, and within my very limited computer abilities, to make Classicalguitarblogger.com the guitar/music site I wished I had known about when I was first starting down my musical path. May this site make your path much easier. Godspeed!

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